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The future of nano technology

One of the most viewed articles on Learn GenZ was one explaining how nano-technology actually works in the first place, indicating to me that you guys loved the topic and are fans of iron man. This motivated me to further explore and research this topic to share the knowledge I find to you guys.

We are going to have doctors in our bodies. Pretty cool right? In the future, engineers plan to injecting tiny sensors inside our bodies that can detect changes inside our body and can even respond to them. They would capture details saving time for both patients and doctors, helping us deal with the shortage of doctors we have.

Sensors everywhere. Sensors are used all around us to inform us about the state of certain things such as infrastructure. Infrastructure is actually the big worry here because we simply don’t have enough sensors to track how things are running. Through the usage of nanomaterials, sensors will become smaller, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. For example, sensors with very fine features can now be printed in large quantities on flexible rolls of plastic at low costs.

Tracking climate change. One of the most important targets humanity faces is limiting climate change. In the future, engineers will create batteries with the ability to store energy for electric cars and enable solar panels to convert more sunlight into electricity through the usage of nanotextures and nanomaterials. that turn a flat surface into a three-dimensional one with a much greater surface area. This means that there is more space for the reactions that enable energy storage or generation to take place, so the devices operate more efficiently.

The future of nanotechnology may look bright as of right now, however I guarantee that the growth of nanotechnology will be exponential. Large Universities such as MIT, Columbia and Stanford are all undergoing research in this field to develop and grow it, therefore I believe that nanotechnology will grow to a level beyond our imagination.

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